The new Link-Comm RLC-2 controller is now installed on the hill. The RLC-2 controller is currently only connected to the UHF repeater while undergoing a burning in and grooming process. It will take our volunteers some time to get it running completely up to speed. Enthusiasm is high amongst the Ops group that is working on it. We are having fun. Time consuming but fun. The good news is that we have the summer ahead of us to install the rest of the hardware and tweek it! This is a major upgrade and many of our changes will provide easier fixing of problems that arise. We can do it remotely. With our older controllers it would require a trip to the hill and could not be done right away.

Ultimately both WW7RA repeaters will have identical features. Some of these features are:

  • WW7RA Digipeater and Microphone Encoder for APRS operations.
  • Complete WW7RA full blown weather station with barometer and humidity detector on APRS.
  • Complete weather station on voice with automatic noon weather report daily and weather information on demand.
  • Telephone autopatch with some new enhancements. Public Mailboxes for the Membership. Private Mailboxes for the Membership.
  • Timely announcements that will give users more useful information, i.e. location of repeaters, special announcements...

Changes to auto patch numbers, announcements and other services can be done remotely and quickly by a Control Operator via UHF link, directly via the repeater input frequency or telephone line. Our repeaters use a hollow air filled coax that requires a constant dry 1# air pressure over atmosphere. We have installed a dessicant pump that filters air and maintains this pressure. The ability of the Control Operators to monitor this pump is another feature of our new controller system. We will list items as they become operational. Some may be invisible to the user as these features will be for remotely operating the controller system.

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